Friday, June 8, 2012

Wisconsin Unions ARE Educators

So there we have it.  Wisconsin unions have taught me.  It's WHAT they've been teaching me since February of 2011 that is of interest.

February 18th, 2011 I hopped on a bus to Madison to attend a Governor Scott Walker support rally at our capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.  The Governor had announced a Budget Repair Bill to fix our $3.6B deficit.  Part of it required PUBLIC union members to contribute a small amount to the employee share of their health care premium and a smaller amount to their OWN pension.  As we all know, all hell broke loose.  Before, during and after inspiring speeches, unions chanted, beat drums, screamed and swore in our faces to tell US the way it is and will be in Wisconsin.  THEIR WAY.  After the rally, I was able to obtain a note in 2 minutes from a licensed doctor excusing me from my "teaching job" for 5 days (these are my pictures/videos unless noted).  I also have video of getting the doctors note, but I wont bore you with it.

I learned UNIONS commit fraud

The following month, March 2011, while listening to the radio at 6am, I hear a report of businesses in my village (less than 5K pop) being bullied by AFSCME, threatened to either post their sign or be boycotted.  I grab my camera and go to EVERY business in the village looking for signs.  I find 2, which are removed by day end. I also find businesses FIGHTING BACK, which warms my heart, I quickly take a pictures and stop in the store to get the story.

I learned UNIONS are bullies

April 15th 2011 TAX DAY RALLY at our capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.  A Tea Party Rally.   Featured speakers Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, etc.  The best event I've ever attended.  My daughter 11 at the time begged to join me, luckily I said no (fearing for her safety) since what I experienced that day from UNIONS protesting our rally turned my stomach.  Some of the highlights of their behavior were booing the National Anthem, calling a 14 year old female child speaker a whore and yelling F--- YOU to her.  Some examples of their signage:

This was less than 2 months worth of education from the UNIONS, I sure did learn.  Story continues in my next blog "Continuing Education"

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