Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Union Grove Village Board Wants To Play

Monday June 24th I spoke before the Board to voice my opinion on their wanting to purchase over priced iPads for THEMSELVES, tiny village trustees and president, on the tax payer's backs to "read an email".

I pointed out the following FACTS:

  • iPads are NOT the piece of equipment you buy to "read email", the Union Grove ordinances which are on for all to see,  and a meeting agenda!  A $150 netbook is even TOO much "technology" for that!
  • We have one trustee for every 800 and some residents, total overkill compared to surrounding communities.
  • I called 15 surrounded communities and not ONE provides their boards with ANY electronics.
  • A community they were "comparing" us to (Muskego) has a per-capita average income DOUBLE that of Union Grove.
  • I also pointed out that last year I sat there listening to them ALL complain about Governor Walker and his "cuts", yet they want personal iPads!  This is unbelievable to me.

In this meeting, the clerk said "you KNOW what this GOVERNOR is doing", she was referring to open records requests which is actually REALLY funny as she is obviously very uninformed as it's HER SIDE doing all the open record requesting of Walker.  Whatever, this VERY FAR LEFT board does NOT represent Union Grove, we always vote more conservative, yet are "represented" by far left agendas.  I left after I spoke and was later informed the board voted TO BUY IPADS FOR THEMSELVES.

Union Grove Village Board says "I VOTE ME!"

Their less than part-time positions of Trustee "representing" a village of 4,900 gives them a $5,100 salary, buy your OWN stupid iPad!

 I will fill this blog with many details.

Right now I am currently on "day 2" waiting for a response to 2 Open Records Requests.

#1 - I requested the NUMBER of emails that each Trustee has received to their email since January 1, 2012

#2 - I requested any emails sent or received from all trustee emails and the president, containing the word "iPad".

Should we take bets on when/if I receive my information?  I really want that request before I continue this blog.

I would also like your ideas on HOW I can find out that not a SINGLE song, picture, video, game, app, etc is every downloaded on the VILLAGE OWNED IPADS.

This WILL be continued......................

  • July 10, 2012 - UPDATE: 2 weeks, no acknowledgement of my 2 open records requests.

  • July 21, 2012 - UPDATE:  Still no acknowledgement of my 2 open records requests, delivered them in person on July 19th as advised.  This is NOT done.
  • Before the spring election in 2011 I had a LONG discussion with then candidate TERESA HOLM who ASSURED me of her fiscal conservative beliefs and she PROMISED me she would be voting as such.  She is nothing short of a complete FRAUD.  VOTES YES on every single spend spend spend issue in this Village.  RON BOGARD and TIM MALLACH both signed the RECALLS OF WALKER AND WANGGAARD but both ALSO voted NO on the iPads, just an FYI for the readers.  I find this all very interesting.

What we deal with.  I'm not done with this, but wanted to share the response.  I sat in a board meeting where the excuse to purchase iPads for the board was due to "OPEN RECORDS REQUESTS".  Yet according the the Village of Union Grove, THEY don't have to deal with silly little things like that.

  • August 9th, 2012 - UPDATE: My response was hand-delivered
  • August 10th, 2012 I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Union Grove Board attend this!

Friday, August 10, 2012
MADISON — Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen invites the public and government officials to “save the date” to attend upcoming Department of Justice seminars on the public records and open meetings laws.
Online registration will begin at the Department of Justice website ( the first week of September. It's recommended anyone who is interested in the free, three-hour seminars with assistant attorneys general register early because space will be limited.
The live programs will be held October 4th at Carroll University in Waukesha, and October 15th at the Fitchburg Public Library in Fitchburg, and a webinar is scheduled for October 17th. A webinar is an interactive audio-visual presentation viewed live over the Internet from the participant's personal computer.
Registration information for the live programs and more information about how to connect to the webinar will follow as the program dates approach.

    Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    Wisconsin 21st Senate District RECOUNT - Day One

    Not much exciting to report.  This recount is different then the David Prosser Supreme Court recount of 2011.  

    Prosser was done as a "hand" recount and this one is being done as a "machine" recount.  

    The "tabulators" (me) simply hand count every ballot (we do not separate by candidate).  We see if the totals reconcile with the poll book for that ward, and then every ballot is run through the voting machine again.  

    We do NOT look at any voter registrations and voter intent came in to play only a couple of times today.

    The only other thing I have to say is something to my favorite reporter Stephanie Jones:

    When will you quit calling me "fake"? :)

    Recount starts with large crowd, expected to last until July 2

    Racine Journal Times - Stephanie

    Thursday, June 14, 2012

    WI Recall Election IRREGULARITIES - "F-Word"

    I wanted to blog in chronological order, but this is such an URGENT topic, I need to share it now.

    June 5th, 2012 was the Recall Election for the Wisconsin Senate District 21 Senator Van Wanggaard.  The felon draft dodger John Lehman ran against him (click here for it in his own words if you don't believe me).  Racine Wisconsin is known for "voter irregularities" and the "recallers" had felony charges brought against them EVEN during the signature collecting!

    We know extra money was dumped into this district by the unions since the Van Wanggaard race was the most at risk.  With mountains of evidence still coming in, I want to share what I've seen so far for those of you who have ANY "doubt" of FRAUD in this election and others.  Yes, I said the "F" word.  At the end of the summary, I have articles about MORE instances.


    Tipliine # is 262-35VOTER

    These instances have been reported to the authorities and will be investigated for CRIMINAL charges.

    RACINE POLL June 5th 2012 - Like the wall covering?

    1.       Getting people to the polls
    a.       Get out the vote effort:  There were numerous “Get Out The Vote” efforts going on in Racine, including a major effort run from the Labor Center which utilized high school students, as well as at least one other significant independent effort.

    b.      School involvement:  The student GOTV program, which previously was run under the direct auspices of Horlick High School, this year was “run” by "Youth Empowered for the Struggle," a youth arm of radical illegal immigrant rights group "Voces de la Frontera."  Y.E.S is organized in taxpayer-funded Racine Unified public schools, with guidance from teachers who collect a paycheck from Racine taxpayers.  The largest YES group is found in Racine Horlick High School, which is officially classified as a failing school by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction; Despite the school's poor academic performance, they still allowed the day before final exams to be a day of partisan political activism instead of academics, by allowing students to participate in a democrat aligned Get Out The Vote effort, which was focused on majority democrat wards in the city.  This activity was organized on school property, using school resources, and during school academic time.  Students rode in vans covered in partisan political slogans exhorting people to vote for Barret, Mitchell, and Lehman, and dispatched from the Labor Center - hardly neutral political ground.

    c.       Organizer intimidation:  One of the adults associated with the Y.E.S. effort, a teacher at Racine Horlick High School, was reportedly cited by Racine Police for aggressively forcing his way into an apartment building and screaming at residents to vote.

    2.       Sowing chaos at the polls
    a.       Union presence – electioneering: Occurred at virtually every polling place in the city. Numerous polling places had a major disruptive presence of union activists.  These people, in many cases clad in “blue fist” or other union attire would converge on a polling location and attempt to influence the process there, by insidiously infiltrating the polls.  These volunteers would enter the polling place, and begin distributing drinks and food to voters, and directing traffic at the entrance, and would progress quickly to discussing voting with voters,  and acting in a quasi-poll workers.  Many attempted to provide assistance to voters.

    As we have encountered this particular union tactic before, and seen the kind of chaos they can create, we pushed back hard on anyone other than voters, poll workers, and poll watchers in the polling place.  We continuously had to ask the CEI to ask these third parties to leave the polling place, or move beyond the 100 foot limit in the parking lot.  At Festival Hall, two union goons wearing embroidered “Stop the War on Workers” polo shirts adorned with blue fist stickers attempted to start an altercation when I asked them to move 100 feet from the door.  I called the Racine Police Department and made a complaint of illegal electioneering, and asked to have the two men escorted from the entrance.

    Leftist thugs also attempted to intimidate election observers.  At one polling place, Festival Hall, an election observer was threatened by a Racine leftist “community organizer” who said he would “smash her head into the pavement.”

    b.      Insufficient staffing: Many polling places .  We received a number of complaints from poll workers that they were unable to deal with turnout which in many cases exceeded the high turnout 2008 presidential election.  We noted the processing of absentee ballots by regular poll workers at each polling place, rather than by a roving absentee ballot team, which has been used to help poll workers focus on election day voters in previous high profile elections.

    c.       Insufficient training: Poll workers received less training than our poll watchers received.  In many cases they were unfamiliar with the law, particularly with regard to same day voter registration.  They had to be continually reminded about the standards for documenting residency.  However, the problems encountered went far beyond this issue.  Poll watchers found Chief Election Inspectors who were mishandling ballots, who ignored challenges, who ignored blatant electioneering,

    d.      Lack of supervision:  Chief Election Inspectors are supposed to know better, but in multiple instances, we had to correct them on the conduct of their job.  One, for example, went off on his own to input absentee ballots into an electronic voting machine, a serious breach of election integrity.  Another allowed a poll worker to go off and canvass the neighborhood in search of votes.  Still others neglected to expel loiterers and union organizers from the polling place, unless the city clerk was called.

    3.       Poll worker issues
    a.       Voter registration
                                                                   i.      Occupant:  The statute provides  for the use of utility bills as proof of residency, but they must obviously be addressed to the voter.  Racine water bills are addressed to “Occupant” not a specific person.  Therefore, a Racine water bill cannot be used to prove residence.  However, many poll workers at polling places across the city were accepting this document, unless we specifically objected.  While this resulted in no challenges and was generally dealt with informally, the repeated nature of this issue in many cases left us with no confidence that poll workers would disallow this document when we were not present.

                                                                 ii.      Felon List:  Poll workers handling voter registration tables had to be continually reminded to verify that voters did not appear on the ineligible felon lists.

                                                                iii.      Failure to uphold statutory requirements for ID/residence:  In many cases, unauthorized documents were accepted as proof of residence.   These included junk mail and other store fliers, hospital bills, and as one poll worker insisted to me, “anything with an account number.”  In reality, commercial mail, with the exception of utility bills, is not acceptable for proving residence.

                                                               iv.      Out of district voters:  The Chief Election Inspector at Humble Park, a Mr. Mosby, was prepared to allow a Sturtevant resident to vote at Humble Park.  It was only after I pointed out that it was an entirely different municipality that he told the voter he could not vote there.  He then asked me to move so that I could not hear or see the documentation of other voters.

                                                                 v.      Allowed to vote 3 times:  A voter at Martin Luther King Community Center was allowed to vote three times.  After being challenged on the third visit to the polls, her ballot was flagged and the challenge logged, but the ballot was put into the machine.

                                                               vi.      Challenge ignored : At  the John Bryant Community Center, where I observed an individual attempting to register to vote, using a handwritten tear-out rent receipt, bearing the date 6/5/2012, to establish residency.   I made a comment to the poll worker at the registration desk that the document did serve as proof of residency.  The Chief Election Inspector, Lillie Cameron, heard my comment, walked over, and began to chastise me for talking to the poll worker.
    I told her that it was my intention to challenge the elector.  She ignored my statement.  I told her, again, emphatically, that I challenged the elector.  Ms. Cameron again ignored my challenge.

    The voter, having completed his registration, got in line to vote.  I waited there at the table, and when he reached the front of the line, I stated loudly and emphatically that I challenged the elector.  Ms. Cameron, and the poll workers made no acknowledgment of my challenge.  At that point, I began to yell “I am challenging this elector!  You cannot give him a ballot!”
    Ms. Cameron, and the poll workers, completely ignored my challenge, and allowed the elector to receive a ballot.  They blatantly and defiantly ignored my legal right of challenge, and allowed someone to vote who had not demonstrated, according to the requirements of the law, that they were a resident of that ward and district.

    Voting Table:
                                                              vii.      Announcing the voter: In many cases, poll workers had to be repeatedly reminded that voters were to state their name and address upon approaching the table, and were not to be prompted by poll workers.  Prompting could facilitate election fraud.

                                                            viii.      Poll workers at multiple poll locations did not require those providing assistance, including in some cases poll workers, to document that assistance was provided.  In some cases, poll workers routinely offered assistance rather than wait for a request, even to those who seemingly did not require assistance.

    b.      Absentee ballots
                                                                   i.      Remaking of ballots:  Because ballots were not available at the start of in person absentee voting, voters were required to use ordinary paper ballots, necessitating that the ballots be remade at the polling place prior to processing.  At Chavez Community Center, and undetermined number of ballots, including those paper ballots, but possibly others besides, were not remade.  Instead, they were entered directly into the electronic voting machine by a sole poll worker, who was working without supervision or corroboration.  The direct entry of these ballots into the electronic touchscreen voting machine does not provide for a paper trail to ensure the will of the voter was reflected in the ballot cast.

                                                                 ii.      Processing absentee ballots without supervision:  At Chavez, MLK, Transit Center, and other polling locations, poll watchers witnessed the mishandling of ballots, including ballots being piled haphazardly on tables out of the control of poll workers.

    I will add stories below as I have time.

    This one is PARTICULARLY DISTURBING from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal!

    When you can’t rely on the time-tested strategies for winning elections, you can always fall back on bamboozling children into doing your grunt work.   At least this is the charge being made by some students at Case High School in Racine.

    And another MAJOR issue with this particular DISTRICT election.

    Saturday, June 9, 2012

    Hope Floats July 2011

    Each year, the Walworth County Republican Party has a Geneva Lake Cruise for invited supporters.  Last year I was thrilled to attend.  It was a VERY hot summer evening and many state and local legislators and other elected officials were there.  Conservatives in Wisconsin have been unable to go ANYWHERE without harassment.

    Harassing us as we boarded the boat

    HORNS blowing, screaming and swearing has become the normal in Wisconsin from Democrats

    Yes, you see it right, protesting via KAYAK!

    The biggest pull for crazy protesters next to Governor Walker, is Congressman Paul Ryan.  He was there with his wife and small children.  What happened after the event was nothing short of disgusting screaming in these children's faces.  I will share my video of getting off the boat, also my pictures from before we left.

    Click here to see my video of how the night ends for Congressman Ryan, his wife, and small children

    Friday, June 8, 2012

    Continuing Education - UW Milwaukee

    April 25th, 2011 I took my mother-in-law to UW Milwaukee to see Karl Rove speak.  Of course it's completely normal to have "BATMAN" tell you to "Get the F--- Out" right? In Wisconsin that's the Democrat "norm".

    Another point I don't want to forget, Rebecca Kleefisch, our Lt. Governor spoke before Mr. Rove, she wasn't able to stay afterward because she had her final chemotherapy treatment for cancer.  Fast forward to June 2012 when #wiunion on Twitter told her they hope her cancer kills her.  This is the Democrat union party of Wisconsin.
    Wisconsin UNIONS taught me they can be hateful

    May 2011 Guess what I did in May?

    Memorial Day My then 11 year old teaches herself  "Taps" on Memorial Day - After, we prayed for our troops and vets and their families.

    Video of "Taps" by my daughter

    Wisconsin Unions ARE Educators

    So there we have it.  Wisconsin unions have taught me.  It's WHAT they've been teaching me since February of 2011 that is of interest.

    February 18th, 2011 I hopped on a bus to Madison to attend a Governor Scott Walker support rally at our capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.  The Governor had announced a Budget Repair Bill to fix our $3.6B deficit.  Part of it required PUBLIC union members to contribute a small amount to the employee share of their health care premium and a smaller amount to their OWN pension.  As we all know, all hell broke loose.  Before, during and after inspiring speeches, unions chanted, beat drums, screamed and swore in our faces to tell US the way it is and will be in Wisconsin.  THEIR WAY.  After the rally, I was able to obtain a note in 2 minutes from a licensed doctor excusing me from my "teaching job" for 5 days (these are my pictures/videos unless noted).  I also have video of getting the doctors note, but I wont bore you with it.

    I learned UNIONS commit fraud

    The following month, March 2011, while listening to the radio at 6am, I hear a report of businesses in my village (less than 5K pop) being bullied by AFSCME, threatened to either post their sign or be boycotted.  I grab my camera and go to EVERY business in the village looking for signs.  I find 2, which are removed by day end. I also find businesses FIGHTING BACK, which warms my heart, I quickly take a pictures and stop in the store to get the story.

    I learned UNIONS are bullies

    April 15th 2011 TAX DAY RALLY at our capitol in Madison, Wisconsin.  A Tea Party Rally.   Featured speakers Andrew Breitbart, Sarah Palin, etc.  The best event I've ever attended.  My daughter 11 at the time begged to join me, luckily I said no (fearing for her safety) since what I experienced that day from UNIONS protesting our rally turned my stomach.  Some of the highlights of their behavior were booing the National Anthem, calling a 14 year old female child speaker a whore and yelling F--- YOU to her.  Some examples of their signage:

    This was less than 2 months worth of education from the UNIONS, I sure did learn.  Story continues in my next blog "Continuing Education"