Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FOR THE RECORD - Paul Ryan's Fiscal Irresponsibility

Paul Ryan's Fiscal Irresponsibility



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Friday, April 24, 2015

Bullying And What Has Changed

The way we parent, the way we teach, and most importantly the schools. Social media has ramped up the immediate access kids have to each other allowing for "cyber courage" and more evilness.  Possibly the fact that some parents prefer to be friends with their kids instead of parents could add to it, I don't know.  

Parenting is a big job, I know it. Since the new technology has begun I have regularly checked my daughter's texts, emails, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. It's a parents job. Parents toes would curl if they saw the way their kids spoke on Twitter.

My personal experience is of my only child, my kind daughter being severely bullied for the past seven years through two schools in a Wisconsin village of under 5,000 residents.

Of the hundreds of bullying incidents, and I am not exaggerating, I think at this point MAYBE three parents have been called. We are told by schools they have progressive discipline. We are told that "Zero Tolerance" does not mean punishment it simply means addressing it. Which is calling a kid to the office and saying don't do it again if the administration is not too exhausted. No note in the record no phone call home.  Some of the incidents have been so severe they broke laws and citations were issued because I had to call the police.

What happened to calling parents, detentions, in school suspensions and three days suspensions? 

If we did something wrong when I was in school or were late three times we got a detention. End of story. We would miss our bus and have to figure out how to get home. And for every minor infraction the school called home, teachers and administrators it's your job! That much has not changed.

The parents of these hundreds of mean kids in my daughters school have no idea what their kids are doing. How could they possibly? Some of these kids I know personally and come from great homes and their parents would be disgusted. If they only knew.

Most kids that don't bully are deathly afraid of defending a bullied child because they themselves will become the next target and they've seen the behavior towards certain students for years. I don't blame them! The few that do are so brave and I commend them.

Our teachers always communicated from kindergarten through 12th grade with our parents. And you better have rushed home and told your parents what happened at school before the teacher called or you were really in big trouble.  

Schools nowadays claim if it didn't happen after the first bell and before the last bell it's not their problem. Funny when I was in school if there was rumor anyone was at a drinking party and they were on sports or not, on any given weekend you were definitely called down to the office, parents called, and suspended from games or kicked off the team. 

The stuff I've seen on Twitter this week about how many of these kids are drinking regularly, hung over all the time driving like maniacs talking about all of the sex they have and doing drugs, it's all out there in a public forum. Kids aren't allowed recess anymore, instead of having recess monitors, and there are no hallway monitors, I suggest you begin social media monitors.  The kids text and use social media all day long through all of their classes, this is something I will never understand.  I see selfies in the classroom even with teachers in the background all the time.

Our children are in your schools for longer than they spend with their parents at home.  Schools, it IS your job to STOP this.  I am weary of your excuses.  My daughter suffers every hour of every day because the adults in her school either  think it's not their problem--or think real discipline is passe.  Stop this now--and do your jobs.

Kids hate it when we talk about the way things were years ago because times have changed, I get that. But what's  also changed is more children's lives are being destroyed, kids want to die from the pain of the peer treatment, and kids are being successful in suicide from bullying. 

Sometimes change is not for the better.

Please take 10 seconds to hear my daughters message loud and clear

Friday, March 20, 2015

Sometimes People Are Truly Sorry

A friend of mine's college age daughter posted this on Facebook yesterday, I had to share it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I Took It All Off In The 1980's

Wisconsin politics is always interesting.   Not much different than high school, the cheerleaders can sometimes be the nastiest.  While that uniform may still fit, it will never go back on. To me cheerleading belongs in childhood.

Being attacked by cheerleaders is nothing new of course but the age of these cheerleaders in Wisconsin is a little strange. 😜

My views on politics are individual. I read bills, watch VOTES and executive actions both nationally and locally down to school board.  If you choose not to take the time to do so and would like to simply blindly champion somebody because you got your picture taken with them that is your choice.  Hey I was there once, remember?

If you ever decide to run for office you may be subjected to me and many others like me. People who want the best for their families, children, parents and friends. 

My issues may not be your issues. Some are definitely not important to me. The ones that are I don't care if you are Republican, Democrat or libertarian it's about your words actions and VOTES.  

I have many times thanked democrats for voting the way I believe is best or voicing their opinions. Such as every single state legislator in the assembly and Senate and Racine and Kenosha Counties supporting the Hard Rock entertainment tourism destination that Gov. Scott Walker refuses to allow to be built near the Illinois border and my house.  At NO cost to the taxpayers.  So to all of you cheerleaders blindly defending the governor saying we don't have all the facts etc., are you now off the ship with all of your more local legislators?  How about Congressman Paul Ryan?  Because every single one of them on BOTH sides of the aisle supported it.  

I also believe in government by the people, do you all realize that Kenosha overwhelmingly voted by referendum TWICE to use this decrepit old piece of land, and eye sore, to build an entertainment destination. Bringing millions possibly billions of dollars into the state of Wisconsin right over the Illinois border.

If it's a moral issue for you, my politics aren't interested in your morals.  I'm Catholic, GO BINGO!

If you call yourself conservative, tea party or whatever, and support a $200 million replacement Bucks sports venue bond from the taxpayers in the state budget I don't understand you. Simply because of who the author is?  If you say you don't want our kids raised under common core but look blindly that it is simply being replaced WITH common core in Wisconsin, what do you stand for?  Scott Walker ran in 2010 on repealing the smoking ban, leaving it up to the establishment owners who risk all to do business and make money in and for Wisconsin. Once elected it never happened. I personally like there not being smoke in establishments but if it were left up to the owners, the risk takers, the investors in Wisconsin, I could choose which ones to spend my money at.  I want choice for myself and freedom for all.

Some great things DID happened in Wisconsin and 2011 and 2012, it's 2015 stick with the present. There are dozens of new issues at hand.  If our gun rights start to be removed would you say "Don't worry the Government knows what's best for us."  Not me.  Are you all on board with having your DNA stolen from you without being convicted of a crime?  Yes, that's coming to you April 1. 

Do you pay attention or just cheerlead.  Me, I took that uniform off in the 80s and it's not going back on....ever.

Congressman Paul Ryan

Thursday, January 8, 2015

REVIEW: The Dollar Shave Club

definitely do not like body hair, and nothing is worse than shaving with a dull blade, ouch. 

Men AND women face it, the times have changed and you need to maintain yourself.  Rid yourself of hair from your eyelashes down 😏 (if you can afford laser treatments or waxing go for it!)

EXPENSIVE!  Replacement blades are RIDICULOUS!  $20 for a four pack? No wonder we all use blades till they're ripping our hair out painfully.


If you don't live under a rock, you've seen the ads for "the dollar shave club".  I finally decided to research it. Everything I found was positive. Three options per month for $3, $6 or $9 dollars per month depending on the type of blade. I went with the $6 per month option which gives me one free handle at sign up and four blades per month delivered.  I joined the club and placed my first order on a holiday, January 1 late in the afternoon. They were in my mailbox today January 8, not bad.


If you can't wait for my full review and are going to join please click here 

and use my referral link! I get five dollars for each person I refer as will you. 

Here's some more pictures of the really cute packaging.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Do You Vote in Wisconsin?

If you vote in Wisconsin, Democrat, Republican, libertarian or a mixture, THIS is what you need to read every week!

This is how Wisconsin is represented in Washington DC. 

Is your representative voting how you want? Voting how they promised? Voting to match their rhetoric during campaigning? 

You need to hold their feet to the fire! If you don't, it will be about their own personal gains.

Thank you for posting this

Votes from the Wisconsin Senate delegation on Saturday

Votes from the Wisconsin Congressional delegation