Monday, April 15, 2013

News of My Daughter's 8th Grade Civics Lesson

News of My Daughter's 8th Grade Civics Crossword Puzzle

Monday, April 8, 2013

Republicans, Democrats and Guns

Republicans, Democrats and Guns

Since the early 90's I have been a gun owner.  In my younger years I was an avid hunter for deer, duck and geese.  My father is retired military and my brother is a police officer.  I love shooting at the range for sport.  I have a teen age daughter who as of now is not interested.  I wasn't either at that age.  

Many of my friends that are Democrat and "middle" politically, are strong believers in the 2nd Amendment, and are sportsmen and sportswomen.  Fishing and hunting are a huge part of the Wisconsin culture.  I am so grateful to see us together on this issue.  It can't be easy for them to support this cause after the division of our parties in recent years.  Obviously their Constitutional Rights mean a lot to them and I am proud and thankful for them supporting conservatives and republicans if even just on this issue.  

The amount of hatred from the FAR and radical left that can't see past the end of their noses is never lost on me, but luckily this is also NEVER the majority.    Though this local blogger, Kelly Gallaher from Racine (Mt. Pleasant) is very unpopular to both political parties and has minimal readership, it still takes our breath away at times that people spew such evil online.  She has lied and attacked me MANY times in her blog in the past year.  Her frequent blogs normally contain the F%&* word and C%#* word, this one is more mild but shows a very strange point of view towards Wisconsin sports.  She may have a mouse in her pocket, I'm not sure.  Excerpt from the Root River Siren:

Thank goodness little communists like this are small in number.  Luckily Facebook has banned all of her blogs, probably due to severe profanity and lies.  Should we say we don't give a rip about her 1st Amendment rights?..........

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Racine County Wisconsin 2013 Spring Elections (Contested)

If I lived everywhere, this is who I'd vote for


Ronald Coutts (i), 609 Kentwood Drive
Trustee Seat 1
Ed Willing, 5754 Winstar Lane
Trustee Seat 3
Kevin Wanggaard (i), 3710 South Lane

Trustee Seat 5
Richard Frazier, 6023 Finch Lane
Mount Pleasant
Trustees-at-large (3 seats up for election)
Dave Degroot, 4127 Pleasant Lane
Trustee (three seats)
Chris Wright (i), 9242 Angelica Drive

Union Grove
Adam Graf

Racine Unified School Board
(three seats) 

Kristie Formolo, 4829 Old Green Bay Road, Mount Pleasant
Robert O. Wittke, Jr., 11 Sandalwood Court, Wind Point

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Racine County Wisconsin Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party DEADLINE

It's time to help!  Racine County Wisconsin Republicans/Conservatives/Tea Parties need to start having a say in their local government and school boards. WE MUST GET INVOLVED.  If you want a say on how your property taxes are rated and spent, here is your chance to do something!

Please consider running for one of these offices.  We need you!  If you are refusing, pass this information on to 5 of the people you think would be GREAT!  If you have questions or need help with signatures, you can contact the Racine County Republican Party or the Racine Tea Party. Nomination papers can be circulated beginning December 1, 2012 - we will help you if you want!  They are due January 2nd, 2013 at 5:00pm

We also have a great FREE information session for anyone committed or even if you are just considering it, please attend! November 28, 2012 thanks to American Majority and "Politics is Local"

ACTION!  December 1st, 2012 you can begin collecting signatures (many positions only require 20 valid signatures)  They MUST be turned in on or before the FIRST TUESDAY IN JANUARY (January 1st this year so I'll find out if the 2nd is acceptable)

Some have VERY generous compensation as an extra bonus (check out Yorkville!).
(some other examples from last year RJT article)

Thank you and let's keep up the great momentum!! (If you see anything incorrect, please email and let me know).

I am personally visiting all of the offices in the County to get information.  This will take a few weeks so please be patient.  If you are INTERESTED in a particular community, please email me and I will gather the information next! If your locality is bold, I have gathered some information and you will find it if you click on it.

School Board information is separate so I am gathering that too but it takes a bit longer to get that information.  Here is the GAB information on running for your local School Board, PLEASE DO!
*RACINE UNIFIED School Board will have THREE(3) Seats open. Please consider running.

* Here is a list of statewide elections for Spring 2013 in case you are interested
* GAB information for Local Non-Partisan Spring 2013 Elections