Friday, November 16, 2012

Union Grove

Union Grove, Wisconsin (Racine County)

The Village of Union Grove has 6 trustees and 1 Village president.  The 2013 Spring Election will have 4 seats open I was told:

1 village president - Salary $7500.00 per year
3 trustee seats  - Salary $5100.00 per year, 2 meetings per month
And a fancy iPad for your use!

(Note, Union Grove seats are NOT at large) the following people are up for re-election:

Village President Michael Aimone (Voted FOR iPads)

Village Trustee #1 Teresa Holm (Votes for spending - also voted FOR ipads, ran as a conservative but is NOT)
Village Trustee #3 Ronald Bogard SIGNED WALKER RECALL
Village Trustee #5 William Stoltz (Voted FOR iPads)

ELECTION Information from Village Clerk online here

*Visited in person 11/15/2012
*Union Grove has two School Boards/Districts and I will be getting that information ASAP

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