Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hope Floats July 2011

Each year, the Walworth County Republican Party has a Geneva Lake Cruise for invited supporters.  Last year I was thrilled to attend.  It was a VERY hot summer evening and many state and local legislators and other elected officials were there.  Conservatives in Wisconsin have been unable to go ANYWHERE without harassment.

Harassing us as we boarded the boat

HORNS blowing, screaming and swearing has become the normal in Wisconsin from Democrats

Yes, you see it right, protesting via KAYAK!

The biggest pull for crazy protesters next to Governor Walker, is Congressman Paul Ryan.  He was there with his wife and small children.  What happened after the event was nothing short of disgusting screaming in these children's faces.  I will share my video of getting off the boat, also my pictures from before we left.

Click here to see my video of how the night ends for Congressman Ryan, his wife, and small children

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