Sunday, April 27, 2014

That Old Kettle Keeps Calling the Crackpot Black

We constantly hear how we need to reach that certain percentage of people to win the majority.  

I've had a few conversations with Reince Prebus on how he is trying hard to grow the party, to reach out, and how he is friends with and respects the likes of Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  I believe Reince, he has always reached out and been kind and approachable.  

Reince would be ashamed of the actions in his home state.  If he heard certain podcasts, many phone conversations, and comments in crowded public areas from high ranking elected people he would know why Wisconsin was blue in 2012.

Do you REALLY think the way to win the Millennials and undecideds is by knocking on their door saying:

"We NEED your vote but.."

  • If you want spending in Wisconsin decreased, keep it to yourself.
  • If you want a Kenosha Casino, shut up and wait.
  • If you are a constitutionalist you are crazy.
  • If your focus is on the 2nd Amendment, you're nuts.
  • If you want Constitutional Carry like other states, you're insane.
  • If you don't cheerlead EVERY bad vote out of Congress you're kicked out.
  • If you wanted your representative to vote AGAINST funding the NSA, you're the FRINGE
  • If you want to question or criticize CERTAIN officials, you should resign, but THEY will criticize the HELL out of the REPUBLICANS you support and you better like it.
  • If you support legalization of marijuana you are a stupid useless stoner.
  • If you believe in liberty and freedom you are a libertarian because THEY say you are and you're not welcome in their shrinking tent.
  • If you support the 10th Amendment you're a crazy lunatic "tenther".
  • If you call yourself Tea Party you are insane.
Now give me all your contact information and vote Republican in November.

This is now Wisconsin.

Hell, you can't even CALL yourself a Republican without permission in Wisconsin these days, you'll have people TELLING YOU that you aren't!

You'll have people TELLING you to ATTACK THE LEFT, not our own, then 2 seconds later, they are all over the air BLASTING those voters mentioned above, they're all over Twitter condemning and criticizing every Republican mentioned above.  They'll come on Facebook and bully you until you LEAVE.  The hypocrisy is beyond sickening.

The fact is YOU are a 70 to 80% "friend" but that is not good enough for them if you have a voice. 

(Hysterical watching the FB critical comments on this blog proving my points here <DM>) 

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