Thursday, April 24, 2014

Are you allowed to be a Wisconsin Republican?

Super Saturday! 
Donate your money! 
Community captain! 
We have a big tent! 
Community outreach! 
Minority outreach!
Door knocking, phone calls! 
A presence at all events! 
Nomination signatures!  
Get out the VOTE! 

THESE are the ONLY things you are allowed to chant in Wisconsin as a Republican.  IF you DARE say anything else you are crazy!   Pure crazy I tell you!  IF you say anything else and get elected to a County GOP board or Congressional District board, executive committee for the state (because more people actually voted for you) you are an INFILTRATOR!  A crazy infiltrator I tell you!  

You know what you are called…crazy, crackpot, anarchist, libertarian, the fringe, the tea party, because why.....because "THEY" say so. "THEY" are all kinds of people, "they" are a talkshow host, they are very high-ranking elected official in the state, "they" are the people on social media lying about you and picking fights with you, calling you crazy crackpots and douche bags on the air and in public at events.  "They" are people who all think they are better than you and know EVERYTHING.  "They" are also the ones that seem to forget the 2012 presidential election results in Wisconsin and think they have nothing to learn.  "They" are the ones that think this is still your daddy's politics and don't understand the strength of the grassroots, the power of social media and the danger of a smart phone.

"They" are also the people taking a topic they claim is toxic to the party and blogging, tweeting repetitively, posting on Facebook, and sometimes talking on the radio about it, yet say you feed the left (such hypocrisy).  "THEY" are the ones causing the stir, not you.  You are ones following the rules, but now "they" will try to constantly change the rules.

"They" don't want you to call yourself a Republican, and "they" will NOT call you a Republican ......apparently they don't want you to vote Republican.

All we hear is how we need to reach that percent of people to win the majority yet the fact is YOU are a 70 to 80% "friend" but that is not good enough for them if you have a voice.  But wait!  If you DARE to criticize any BAD votes of elected Republican golden boys, "they" will scream at you saying those officials are 70 to 80% our friend!  Huh?  But …. STOP ....they will scream at you... they will have many high-ranking people calling you to yell at you, people will try to censure you, because actually, you are not allowed your opinion.  Some of the old guard will attack you regularly on Facebook saying you are not fit to carry the OLD congressman's jockstrap, the same congressman many people disagreed with, including a couple of talkshow hosts.

How counterproductive for "them" to be grasping at the minority votes, yet shoving ones they already had right out the door.

According to "them" you are not a Wisconsin Republican, and they must have enough votes without yours.


  1. I've been following you on Twitter hoping to get a perspective of what republicans think. This whole blog post seems to be the result of the wounds you have suffered as a right wing activist. I'd love to get any perspective on how someone with an open mind who votes republican really feels about welfare, voter fraud, unions, etc. I can't say I know any right wing supporter with an open mind.

    1. George, not just me, but so many. If one of our elected officials are questioned about their actions that person will become attacked. We are told not to question our own, only to question Democrats. The hypocritical part of that is when we had talkshow hosts and high-ranking officials attacking our own as far as volunteers, activists, and members in general.

  2. Tamra is one of the most true Republicans that I know. Her stance is closer to the ideals first promulgated in that Ripon schoolhouse in 1854 than what we see today passing as a so-called "GOP Platform".

  3. Thank you Charles, and I feel the same way about you my friend and patriot.