Monday, January 27, 2014

Unionista Recall Signing Milwaukee Judge Candidate Gramling Perez

Don't let Laura Gramling Perez fool you, she tried to pass herself as a conservative candidate at a recent GOP Caucus at the Republican Party of Milwaukee Party South Branch.  Unfortunately for her, the branch chairman Michael S. Murphy had the insight to ask the right questions and the truth came out.

She claims she was not the one signing the recall using an incorrect address, but goes on to say she did sign the recall using her correct address.... she claims the petition was not turned in. Gramling also goes on in the video to explain how she does not stand with Governor Scott Walker.

In her own words, video of her union talking points/lies: 


  1. I love how these folks think their liberal pasts won't come back to find them.
    Great work exposing her "real" self!

  2. Did Joe Violand really endorse her?