Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The "I" Word again - Racine Wisconsin Election Incompetence

Racine City Clerk Janice Johnston-Martin PERSONALLY SIGNS 23 incomplete VOTER REGISTRATION FORMS.

Boxes are BLANK to denote proof of residence.  SERIOUSLY!  I'm not making this up.  

Apparently if you register more than 20 days before an election, you don't have to provide proof of residence? I hate to even type that as we KNOW that could be a HUGE opening to more FRAUD in NOVEMBER!  Anyway,  20 of the 23 forms were well within the 20-day window.  Sorry JJ, that excuse didn't work.

Click here for PROOF of MORE incompetence from the TOP

Now in TRUE Racine Journal Times fashion, some reporter gets all over Media Trackers, by finding someone to discount them.  RJT HATES THE TRUTH!  Unreal.  I have to comment on this quote from the article (link below)

“Those boxes are on there for a reason and if those boxes are not filled out it’s just not going to have that certainty and that form’s not going to be complete,” Sikma said. “It raises questions about (Johnson-Martin’s) ability to run an election in the state of Wisconsin when she has people under her who don’t do this for a living. How can she expect those people to do their job properly if she as a city clerk failed to follow state protocol?”

That question SHOULD BE RAISED!  What the heck goes on in Racine?  Pay attention August 14th, I'm sure as USUAL, you will go to bed without Racine, Wisconsin results.  Strange how MUCH larger cities report HOURS before the city of Racine. There are MASSIVE reports of FRAUD and INCOMPETENCE in Racine elections, but no one blames the CLERK?  Funny it wasn't the same in Waukesha was it, and it wasn't anything near as bad as THIS! 

Here's the article RJT ran, asking RADICAL LEFT group "League of Women Voters of Wisconsin" their "opinion".....#DUH



Ever notice how RACINE numbers on election nights, EVEN low turnout, don't come in until MIDNIGHT?

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